Thursday, July 14, 2011

I miss so much

I take a look at inside of my heart and see that the grief is the same like as that day.
It maybe many times and things lasted for five years, but my heart remained suspended in his three day breathing and their triggers.

This is the purest, fairest, most merciful, real love in the world.

I miss you so much, my dear baby. And every year this day is the most special, tears day for me. :(

Saturday, July 14, 2007

GoodBye Day Anniversary

Today one year ago, on the 14th of July 2006, we knew our lives would never be the same.That day, God took Mert from us. Just like yesterday, it’s all so fresh.

Our precious baby, Mommy and Daddy love and miss you so much. You'll always and forever be a part of us. We will be together someday, maybe someday soon...

PS: Thanks for all birthday messages. Thanks my sister and Mert's aunt forever and ever! And Hakan, my sweet cousin, thanks for letting me vent at the last night. My dearly cousins Ozlem,Ozgen,Ozkan and Hakan.Thanks for remembering and sharing our pain while dealing with these hard times. Your slide was wonderful and meaningful for us.

Aytekin and Emel.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mert's First Birthday!

It was a year ago today that our precious baby was born. After 3 days, he left us with pain and went to Heaven.

Today is a tough day for us emotionally. Mert has touched our lives in a way that words can't express.

We love you our little angel. We miss you so much!

Here are his first and last videos:

Emel and Aytekin.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Welcome Carson Grant Lewallen!

We share the happiness of our close family friend and Angel Drew's(Mert's friend in the heaven) mom Jana. Because her second son Carson was born on April 19. He is so cute!

Congratulations Lewallen Family!

Their blog is here and here is his picture:

Emel and Aytekin.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Sofia!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Happy Birthday

If Mert is alive today, he would have been 2 months old. It seems just like yesterday that we saw him first. But he lived only 3 days and he left us in the deep pain. We love you our sweet baby.

Emel and Aytekin.

Monday, August 28, 2006

A Friend for Mert in the Heaven: Angel Joseph

I am so saddened to hear of the passing of baby Joseph. He went to Heaven after our baby Mert. Carole and all Olson Family are in my thoughts and prayers. Please pray for them in this difficult time. Carole and us had great dreams about our precious boys but now we know God's plans were different. Mert lived for only 3 days and Joseph lived for only 3 breaths!

Emel has lost her cousin at last week. She is terribly bad nowadays. And I sure, when she hear sweet Joey's going, she will be bad again. I think I should say in an attentive manner.


Saturday, August 12, 2006

Baby Joseph

Sorry, it has been long time since I last posted. We wanted to run away from everything and everyone. Emel's situation was indescribable. We went to CapricePalace hotel in Didyma and now we are in Kayseri, our hometown until August 20th. I have an awful internet connection but I hardly try to follow blogs and e-mails for a few minutes a day.

I wanted to write for Baby Joseph. He will live dangerous surviving process. His parents, Carole and Jonathan are in great anxiety, because news is not good. With all our power, we want God to create real, wonderful miracle for them. We are in stressful waiting together them and pray and tear for them.

Please pray for Baby Joseph and his wonderful family.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thank you

Yes, everyone knows that our sweet son Mert passed away on July 14, 2006, Friday evening. We have been waiting him for 6 years but he was here for only 3 days. Everything was so quick. I can’t tell certainly, this is such sorrowful, devastating... Especially, Emel’s situation hurts my heart. You know, everything was hopeful. But our baby’s lungs couldn’t work. God took our precious baby, we don’t have any right to complain. Because he is the Creator, and we believe, this life is examination only. But we don’t know yet how we can deal with that. Sorry, I can’t write more.

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed, called and wrote messages, comments. You are wonderful people who remember us on the worst days of our lives.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ahmet Mert is in the Heaven

Tears,only tears...No words to tell now, sorry.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

After the surgery

Thanks to everyone. So far, we have benefited from your prayers so much. We need them really. We’re sure, Mert thanks to all of you too. Surgery is over. It has taken about one hour. I talked to Dr. Arda, when he went out from the operation room. He said that surgery was good. Intestines, stomach and spleen were up. But the lobe of liver was in its proper place. There wasn’t any lack of tissue in his diaphragma, therefore patch was not being used. Because of rigidity on belly, he will have some discomforts following days. Dr. Arda also said that the first 72 hours are critical for him.

Prayers for all CDH babies and their families.

P.S. Mert says, he loves his aunt Esra in Germany and says he will play with his cousin who will come on February, 2007!

Emel and Aytekin.

Surgery has just started!

It's 03:15 pm and we learned that surgery started. Now, we are praying for Mert, our precious baby boy. Please pray for him.

Emel and Aytekin.

Surgery is today

Everthing goes quickly. We talked to Dr. Arda, he said that he planned surgery today. Then we have seen Mert again. We are waiting, praying and looking at following pictures. Please pray for him.


Quick update

Hi. I slept only 2 hours at previous night. Sorry for late update. As you estimated, we are very happy. Because finally our first child was born after the waiting time of nearly 6 years. He was born at Baskent Hospital on Tuesday, July 11th, 2006 at 10:30am (GMT+2). He weighed about 6 pounds, 13 ounces (about 3 kg.) But they didn’t say his lenght! He was born at the term of 39 weeks (before 7 days from EDD) with normal birth. Emel got Epidural and she said it was not too hard.

After delivery, they announced my name and we went to Emel’s room and there was a crib but it was empty. In a short time, I saw Dr. Eroglu in corridor, she said that delivery and mother was good. Nurses said that the baby had been taken to the intensive care unit because he was not breathing so well! We had empty arms and had no news about him. We just waited even without speaking. It was 13:00, I begged again for seeing our baby. I was at NICU, for only 1-2 minutes and I took two pictures. Then a doctor came, he said that the values dropped down. During rushed seconds, I found myself outside. Emel saw him about 8 hours later.

NICU’s rules are so hard! I don’t think, we can see our precious baby so much. Emel is going out from hospital today.

Pediatric Surgeon, Dr. Arda said that Mert’s condition was good, all things are expectant nothing extra for now. He is on High Frequency Oscillation Ventilator and carbondioxide value is some high. Dr. Arda also said surgery can be within 1 or 2 days!

I had to go out now. Thanks for all prayers, messages, thoughts, feeling and all positive things for our baby. Please go on. Journey has just started for us. Please keep your prayers for Mert and all CDH babies.

Prayers, love.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Here is the first picture!

Baby Mert is here! It's the first picture of him. I am home for only few minutes. I will write the happenings later.Thanks for all prayers.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Only hours away

It's 10:15 pm here. Emel and her mother are at the hospital now. I made formal papers and they have settled in the special room. I and my sister have just come home. We will go to there around at 05:00 am. My sister will take mother-in-law's place. It is just chance that Dr. Eroglu is on-duty at this night. When we were going out, she said to me "don't worry, everything will be ok!"

It's strange and unbelievable! We are only hours away from meeting our first baby. As if I have forgotten that after these hours, his fight for life will start as well. I just feel, we need more prayers.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

The countdown ends

We have gone through standard medical examination at the hospital for the last, before the birth. Dr. Eroglu reserved a hospital room for us. She wanted us to come to hospital and to make formal procedures at about 6:00 pm, on Monday. They will give medicine to Emel at around 05:00 am on Tuesday and they’re planning labour on Tuesday morning or noon. (For the time difference, I think, it will be night or early morning in the USA.) Please keep us in your prayers that day.


Thursday, July 06, 2006

New Plan: This Tuesday

We have just come home from the hospital. I drove Emel to hospital at the morning, Dr. Eroglu took us NST room. After 15-20 minute, I suspected something was wrong because of nurse and doctor’s flurried behaviours. I learned, Baby Mert was sleeping and not moving. They gave an awful voice and woke him up, then he started move and didn’t stop anymore. I think, he started to be bored of hospital adventures but unfortunately it is not even time to kick off the game yet.

We came home and went to hospital afternoon again! Because there was Breast-Feeding Program, I surprised that Emel wanted to join the lesson. She had given up joining the same course when they arranged before.

As doctor informed us, Emel will be admitted to hospital for a stay at Monday evening and then they will give medicine to her for inducing labour. And it is most likely Baby Mert is coming on Tuesday, July 11th, morning or around noon!

Congratulations to Baby Audrey’s family. Because she is home. Two months after her birth, she has come home like a real princess. We share happiness of Miller Family and they gave us big hope.

Baby Jackson lived reherniation, but after second surgery he continued his good way and hopefully he will soon finish hospital days. He is such a sweet baby!

We follow precious baby Sofia’s progress at home. She is doing very well, but her mom, Catherine has some health issues. We wish her speedy recovery.

We’re praying for all CDH babies, Angels and their wonderful families. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


Monday, July 03, 2006

Only one week

At the weekend, my mom, Aytekin’s sister and her two cute children (8 and 11 aged) have come from Kayseri. Aytekin’s mother and father are just here. Our home is a crowded waiting room nowadays. We all are excited and anxious.

Previous day, we took two e-mails from far away. One was from Carole, mom of Baby Joseph and the other was from a Turkish doctor in USA who is one of Carole’s doctors. We have learned from this so kind doctor that there were ECMO in Istanbul American Hospital. In his mail, doctor wanted us to ask for ECMO there and he also said it has been used for aim of treatment cardiac patients. We searched and learned that there is no ECMO which is used for CDH babies in Turkey.

We went to hospital for appointment in this morning and after NST, we talked about delivery time again. Next control is on Thursday. We strongly think, the last decision is that induction will be on Monday, July 10 (8 days before EDD).

Millions thanks to you for prayers, thoughts, comments and we're praying for all of you.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

A bit early yet. Good Surgeon!

We had great chance to talk to pediatric surgeon on the previous day. That was second conversation from the diagnosis. The first talk was good and that was the better. He really impressed us. I sure he is a good surgeon, doing the best he could and researcher for developments about CDH. He was ready to answering our all questions whatever they were.

We asked first about early labour planned on Monday. He said there was a demand coming from principal of NICU but after my e-mail, no one was persistant anymore. Previous week, We had taken some e-mails about remaining babies with CDH in the womb close to estimated date of delivery. He said that he printed my e-mail and sent to principal of NICU. We talked about especially warnings in the Sheri’s posting. Baby Jaxtyn’s mom, Sheri is a very strong woman had 3 CDH babies, despite the less than 2% chance of re-occuring. Pediatric Surgeon, Dr. I. Serdar Arda agree with the opinion that the longer stay in the womb would may be better. But anyway, planned induction will be clearly good for our baby. Our home is far from hospital about 20 km. and travel time may extend to 1 hour sometimes because of heavy traffic at rush hours.

Then he talked about Baby Kaya who previously passed away on 20th day of his life. He said that Baby Kaya had been transferred from another hospital to Baskent Hospital lately and a lot of time lasted for diagnosis until coming to surgery section. The baby had very severe, right sided CDH. Despite all negativeness, Dr. Arda said he could overcome his pulmonary hypertension! As well as, he said the baby was a candidate for ECMO in a certain. And the other CDH baby from Konya is now at 25 or 26 weeks pregnancy. We have most greatly wished that Baskent Hospital would have an ECMO immediately.

Our OB/JYN Dr. F. Yanik will be on vacation this week. We have an appointment with Dr. D. Eroglu on this monday morning early. We will talk about delivery date again with her but as far as we're concerned, it will be good that planned delivery should be at the 40th week of the gestation. This time is between July 11 and July 15 (EDD is July 18). And sorry for not showing Baby Mert’s photos, yet! But we promise, we will take a lot of pictures for you soon, if everything goes well.

We asked about C-section or normal delivery. Dr. Arda told us differences of them and said that we may prefer Caesarean but if we want to normal delivery, we must consent to being transferred to C–section in case of any abnormality when necessary at that time. He notified that, for now, normal delivery was being preferred in CDH but according to last some research pulmonary hypertension might be triggered as a result of stress during normal delivery, which is just fresh in the lots of studies.

As result, Dr. Arda said, doctors and us depend on Baby Mert! They will be ready for coming Mert whenever he will. And he let us feel our decisions were important. We relieved so much when we heard these sayings. He also said we can call him 24/7.

We thank for your prayers, supportive thoughts and all postings. Especially, to “Breath of Hope” yahoo group members, to Sheri and to Lisa (mom of Baby Owain). Our prayer list is full of your names everyday. Please keep us and all CDH babies in your prayers.

Aytekin and Emel.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

It’s our turn. Induction planned!

When we went weekly control yesterday, Dr. Yanik informed us about a planned induction on Monday, July 3. This date is 37w+6d of gestation. That was very surprising for us. Because we were not expecting an early delivery. Everything was going normal. Dr. Yanik said that some reasons for this decision were convenience of NICU and being upon reguest by administrator of NICU because of his near vacation. We know that they had only one High Frequency Oscillation Ventilator and no ECMO (which is just nowhere in Turkey!) And dr. said one more baby has been diagnosed, coming from Konya (another big Anatolian city). The baby’s dad is a chemistry professor at Konya Selcuk University.

We have only 11 days! Getting more stressed. Yesterday evening we bought Medela breast pump. We want to have everything ready in the beginning for these tough days. Any idea or extreme reminder for us do you have? Please keep up your prayers for us and other families fighting CDH.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A loss here

Yesterday was bad day. Because when I was at work, Emel called me and said that she heard Baby Kaya’s passing (who was operated right sided CDH baby at the Baskent Hospital)at the last week. Emel was in great curiosity about the situation of him. We had only GSM number I took from nurse at hospital and I couldn’t call, because of possibility of hearing bad news. But Emel called the baby's dad. We are sad and worried.I had seen Baby Kaya and he was so sweet. His image is still in front of my eyes, breathing fast and frequently. I shed tears for him. Maybe I will go to Baby Kaya's dad for condolence. And now we are waiting for coming Mert in a increasing anxiety. My God please help us. Nothing to do, but waiting and praying only. Please pray for us and the other CDH families.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tracking continues

I and Aytekin went to the hospital yesterday for weekly control. Everything was OK. Amniotic fluid amount was normal, urine test result was normal… As well ultrasound examination was short. Dr. Yanik said that the baby had made respiration exercises, so this was good. There isn’t any complaint for now, even so far but some little discomforts. If CDH is not exist, my pregnancy will be entirely good term of my life. But If Mert can overcome that, we will be happier in future. Below is Mert’s picture taken last week! Prayers for all CDH babies and families.


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dawdling on the way

I continue to follow the blogs. Everyday Emel and I keep our prayers up for them. Because we feel close to their families. We believe that it is a seldom known and people are not aware of it. I will surely prepare web site in Turkish about CDH. Advances in medical sciences are getting more impressive everyday and Turkish doctors are being known by way of their success in the different areas as well. We must do some effective works to canalize the doctors –no matter what their nationality- for researching more about CDH.

We must be strong, positive. We are religious people who believe that we all are of God and will return to God. If we lose our baby, this will be tragedy but being prepared for all the results –include of having little angel in the Heaven- may give power how to handle.

Sofia’s being home gave us great hope. After knowing the little princess, I spelled her name together Mert in my prayers. It seemed that she got really big power to cope with CDH. Her grandparents, Beth, Yvonne have great hearts so that we feel their spiritual support behind us. Even Beth lighted a candle in the church for Mert. This means we get a lofty reach towards God by means of the different religional approachs. On Fridays -sacred day for us- we pray for all CDH babies and families.

Baby Jackson is on his great way of improvement! Adam and Kimberly are wonderful parents who have given a link from their blog to ours, we are grateful to them. It seems that tough part of the way was finished. They are in our thoughts and prayers.

The princess of Miller Family, Baby Audrey is going forward strongly step by step. Please pray for her and her family.

Baby Joseph’s mom, Carol’s support for us continues. We thank her a lot. Her baby and Baby Mert will fight on their own ways but side by side. Keep prayers up for them.

Emel asked me for saying that, Angel Avery’s mom Lauren and Angel Drew’s mom Jana were wonderful people and she regret for not knowing English to tell her feelings them on her own. For Angel Parker’s mom Jessica, she mentioned that she was great mom, because she supported with her messages and she is diligent about increasing awareness of CDH. I sometimes feel sorry and I say, I wish these wonderful women could be near to Emel, just in the same city!

We have listed supplies what we will need at the hospital and prepared a small bag. But nowadays Emel is so agitated unnecessarily that she read a list from a big hospital’s web site and she immediately wanted to find “footless” rompers. We searched stores in a panic and found them. Sometimes I can hardly understand my beloved wife.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Going on

We went 34th week hospital visit to be controlled for changes and advances of the gestation yesterday. Nothing's new. Only some talking with our doctors was good. When Dr. Yanik examined Baby Mert, she made explanations to interns as well. So far, I thought that I began understanding medical matters but during the lesson on work I discerned that I was too far from this type of businesses! And I thought that engineering was more joyful for me! She said, everything seems normal except for CDH. It seems that the plan is to wait normal labor, I think. Then I asked our doctor about the last operated baby in the hospital. I learned that the baby had been noticed that he was with CDH after birth. Our doctor said, we could see the baby, if we go to Pediatric Surgery Department. We rushed to go there as soon as we are done with the doctor.

We came to main hospital building but security didn’t let us get in to department on the 3rd floor. I tried to explain our request but the situation was hopeless! Emel and I decided to wait for visit time which was 2 hours later. We were suggested that we should have made people at Information Desk announce baby’s family or his doctors. But we didn’t know any name, baby’s name or one’s of his family. At the moment Emel was in rest room, The Chairperson of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department noticed me waiting there nervously. She asked how it was going on. I told her why we were there. She took me directly up 3 floors through security but Emel stayed down unaware. After only a few minutes, I was in NICU just near the baby! His family were not there. Nurse gave me his father’s GSM number. She said that the baby was right sided CDH and post-surgery situation was good. Baby boy named Kaya (means rock) was very sweet. We had a little chat with the nurse who looks like a pleasant and skillful person. She said that baby’s mom didn’t know about surgey. It was interesting for me. As well, she said Emel’s existing in there was not suitable. So, I agreed. Furthermore, I hesitated to call baby Kaya’s father afterwards.

Some precious people who met via internet wanted us to put a picture of us. Here is a picture taken at this weekend.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The next baby

Wednesday is appointment day again. The first days of the each week I become stressful increasingly. My younger sister returned to Kayseri. So after some cheerful days, I felt some discomfort. The last week we wondered upon Lauren’s question that whether Baskent Hospital has High Frequency Oscillation Ventilators or not. Our doctor posted a comment about existing HFOV and a baby in post-surgery phase on it. We are so excited to reading that. It seems that the hospital operated 14th baby with CDH so far in the last 2.5 years and perhaps Mert will be 15th. I wanted so much to see the baby and to meet parents of the baby. But will that be possible, I don’t know. Sure, each baby has different situation however person wants to be aware of the ones who have the similar fate. Please God let them and their families be okay.


Monday, June 05, 2006

Angel Jolee

We're so sorry to hear Baby Jolee's passing today. We have followed how this little girl was doing since her birth and loved her as a fighter. However Jolee spent only 18 days with awesome parents. Pulmonary hypertension and edema (occurring when she was ECMO) were the reasons. Condolences to Scott Family. Please keep Angel Jolee's family in your prayers.

Emel and Aytekin.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Getting hotter and waiting...

This weekend I am happy of that my younger sister is here. She lives in Kayseri (another Mid-Anatolian city) where we were born and grew up. Mother-in-law and father-in-law also have been here since the starting of my pregnancy. Aytekin has driven us for a change. After nearly a month, I have bought again some lovely things for baby Mert. We all had lived a great madness of shopping after I got pregnant, formerly years of having 2 miscarriages. But CDH news stopped us all of a sudden! We gave up preparing a baby room, arranged only our bedroom for a crib. Maybe I felt need of remaining my baby close at hand. Or do I anticipate that I would become anxious and depressed dropping into a tearful and tragic state as looking at the baby room afterwards?

It’s very hot, 34 degrees (94 Fahrenheit) in Ankara. In July, it will get hotter, I wish Mert would be able to get curing fresh air to breath!
Thanks for your all prayers and messages.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

33rd week appointment

When searching the internet, I found an abstract written by our doctors. The link is
I asked our OB Dr. F. Yanik about the case and she said that it was more different case. That baby’s condition was so bad that it couldn’t be possible saving her life. Something interesting for me that pulmonary artery size was being correlated to lung weight.

And another curiosity was that although when we were looking at Abdominal Circumference 2 weeks ago (at 31st week), we had seen AC measure was compatible with 26,5 week, but last week we saw that AC was being observed as compatible with 31 week on the screen. I have searched this subject, and not found too much. But I saw an abstract at this link.
Yesterday, we saw that AC is on measure of 31w,1d. I don’t understand in a certain. So far, I imagined that our baby’s belly would remain small! Maybe Lauren, Jana or other moms or dads had met this type of condition and they can know the actual reason.

Dr D. Eroglu (who had noticed the axial deviation of Mert’s hearth first) was there for examination. She hasn't seen any progress for almost a month. And she said that the condition was not so bad. Stomach was maybe positioning a little bit in a downward direction. Dr. Filiz Yanik and Dr. Derya Eroglu said that pulmonary tissue and artery (about 2.5 mm, on the right) was seen by them very clearly. Amniotic fluid is not too much and for now, there is no reason for an induction. Steroid named Celeston have been suggested to Emel, because it has been thought that steroid developes baby's lungs. They are very good and intelligent doctors who can understand patient psychology.

Lauren has asked me if Baskent Hospital has High Frequency Oscillation Ventilators. I asked this to Doctors, but they couldn’t give me a certain answer. Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology is at another building apart from the main hospital site. Pediatric Surgery is in the central site of hospital. They said that they would learn if there were HFOVs and inform us. I think, lacking of any HFOV besides ECMO is not acceptable for big, modern hospital like as Baskent Hospital! I hope, they have HFOV.

We gave them our weblog’s address, and they said that we were conscious patients. We talked about our new friends and supporters whom we gained by means of internet and CDH surely!

Sofia is on a good improvement way. I hope, she will turn normal life as a princess! Baby Jolee is in the phase of collecting big power that is supported by all us with our prayers. Baby Audrey’s news is wonderful. As if her glances in photos express her strength. I try to follow blogs of these all sweet babies.

And Lauren and Jana! They’re wonderful moms that supports us with their messages. They give precious informations. Thanks to all messagers! They made our eyes wet with tears. As for we are Turks, reading some English texts that have also contains complex, medical terms is hard indeed. Reading baby blogs is easier and more informative for me. Emel can’t speak or read English but I always continue to translate. She is in the most sensitive term of her life.

Please keep your prayers for Mert and all CDH babies.


Monday, May 29, 2006

Hospital Choice, Lacking ECMO

Last week, after our weekly appointment we talked to our OB (Associate Professor) and Chairperson Professor in a short time. Chairperson said that they may want to induce labor after 35th week. This was really frightened for us, because we have read a lot of writings from internet, and heard from another experienced doctor who is working at another big hospital that preterm labor shouldn’t be preferred in these type of deficiency. Baskent Hospital is good and well-cared place and we have gone there for about three years. Doctors know us. But the hospital hasn’t so much experience on CDH babies. We learned that they had 13 CDH babies for the last 2,5 years. Six of them survived. We went to other big hospital in Ankara. It was Hacettepe University Hospital. They have 1 or 2 patient in every month from Turkey’s different regions. But there are very crowded as a public hospital and we don’t want to go for a serious condition like that. We met pediatric surgeon in Baskent Hospital. He said that after surgery is more important than surgery. Its NICU and caring conditions seems more comfortable. We decide there for surgery if it will be possible. When we learned that there is no ECMO in our country, we were disappointed and very depressed. Maybe, this means “going to football match with missed staff”. We pray for that our baby won’t need ECMO.

Tomorrow or maybe Wednesday morning, doctors in hospital will be in a ordinary meeting and as we learned from our OB, they (our docs and surgeons) will talk about our condition.

Aytekin and Emel.

Our Baby’s name

We talked about names a lot! But Emel is very hesitant person. Even when we go to shopping, she decide to buy anything hardly. One of favorite names for baby boy chosen by me is “Mert”. Mert means trustworthy, reliable, courageous, brave. I think our baby will have two names and the first one is “Mert”. God, please give long, healthy and happy lifes to Baby Mert and to all CDH babies.


First Positive Messages

We saw comments from Sofia, Avery and Parker’s family members. We are very happy for that. We don’t feel loneliness so much anymore, because we have friends who understand us and pray for us from another side of the World! Thank you very much really! Our prayers for our baby and all CDH babies and their families.

Emel and Aytekin.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

The First Entrance!

Hello. My name is Aytekin. My wife Emel and I live in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. We married in 1999. We didn't want to have any baby for the first two years of marriage, because Emel was only 19 years old. We thought "having a baby" was a great responsibility. Then we lived two losts, first was 6 week and the other was 8 week of miscarriages. My wife conceived a son through IUI. We were very happy with that! We continued all controls and take attention everything about gestation. At 28th week of pregnancy, in Ultrasound control our doctor said that baby's abdominal circumference was a little bit small. And he sent us to an OB experienced on scanning for a detailed examination. She noticed that his heart was on the right side of its axis and stomach was up. So our baby son was diagnosed left sided "Congenital Diaphragma Hernia". Then she arranged fetal echocardiogram and MRI visit for us on the same week. And we took genetic consultancy as well. One week later, we learned the first results. The heart was good-looking and normal but on the right. The other results were normal. Although Lung-to-Head ratio was 2.5 on the 28th week, 10 days later the issue was bad anymore. And ratio was about only 1. We were in a shock and hadn't so much information about this abnormal anatomic problem.

We go hospital weekly on every Wednesdays. Emel goes on Saturdays, too. She joins pregnancy exercise program.

This week is 32th week, due date is July 18th. Our baby's condition is always in our thoughts and our prayers.

I decided to prepare this blog. Because, I read tons of writings in the web sites but I saw that people didn't know CDH enough. I really impressed by blogs of CDH babies, Sofia, Audrey, Jolee, Jackson, Leah, Jax and angels Avery, Drew, Parker...
That's all are in our prayers. Please take us into your prayers too.

I will update blog in the future days, putting more advances, news and pictures about us in English and in Turkish as well.

P.S. Please forgive me for my poor English.